Interim Servicing

12 Months/10,000 Miles

Our interim service includes the replacement of the engine oil, oil filter, cabin filter and sump plug. An inspection of the vehicle is carried out with all fluids/levels checked and topped up. The vehicle also has a full diagnostic scan completed and service indicator reset.

From £145

Full Servicing 

24 Months/20,000 Miles

In addition to all items in our interim servicing option we will also replace spark plugs (petrol), fuel filter (diesel) and air filter. We will also carry out all additional inspection and adjustment/lubrication points as per the manufacturers recommendations.

From £205

EDT Engine Decontamination

Additional EDT Process

Our EDT process is extremely highly recommended to any of our customers. Following the oil draining we connect our EDT machine which will carry out an automated cleaning process that will decontaminate the engine internally. Find out more.....

Just £99

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