Carbon Cleaning Specialists in Newport

German Vehicle Service & Repairs with Wesgate Automotive

EDT is the leading provider of car engine carbon cleaning services in the UK. Our machine carries out a unique engineering process that delivers deep, full engine cleaning.

After the ultimate engine detox, car owners experience reduced emissions, better fuel economy and improved overall engine performance.

Drive your car to our centre for professional engine cleaning. Call to book or for more information on 01633 267734.

Enhance Performance with Wesgate Automotive

  • Up to 26% improvement in fuel economy
  • 6bhp average increase in power
  • 7ftlb average increase in torque
  • 69% average reduction in CO emissions
  • Improved performance and driveability
  • A smoother, quieter engine
  • Engine longevity


The EDT Engine Contaminant Extraction System takes less than 15 minutes to complete a deep clean on both petrol or diesel engines, removing all the sludge, varnish and debris that regular oil changes leave behind in your engines oil system.

Carried out alongside a routine oil change, the process simply pulses a light mineral oil in and around your engines oil ways and galleries.

With an immediate effect likened to descaling a dishwasher, the benefits include substantially increased fuel economy, bhp and torque, with significantly reduced emissions.

This preventative and corrective treatment can be carried out as a standalone operation or as part of a service. Some dealers also now use it to reduce their fleet running costs and in used car preparation.

This service will restore performance, save fuel and reduce your car’s CO emissions with the proven engine deep clean.

Keeping your car on the move is expensive, so cut down your costs by improving the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

An EDT Treatment will be the best thing you have given to your car, it’ll bring back the smile you had when it was ‘new.